Friday, January 31, 2014

New Digital Art

Here are some digital collages that I created this morning, when my mind was in too much of a buzz about creating something to let me sleep.....

The basis for the piece above was a sunrise shot I took a few days ago.  I added watercolor painting, a music sheet and this lovely quote from Lao Tzu.  When I think of this quote, I cannot help but think that true power is the only thing that lasts.....strength is fleeting.

The foundation of the above piece was also a sunrise shot I made a few days ago.  Same digital ephemera was added, and the quote about sunrises and sunsets.  Isn't it the truth?  How often are we too busy to notice the beauty around us?  And if we are missing this, what else are we missing?

This final piece is using another sunrise as its base, with a winter tree silhouette.  When I saw this quote, I was immediately taken with it.  Another way of saying live your life to the fullest, altho Confucius says it better!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Incredible Sunrise

This morning, Jeff told me that the sunrise looked like it was going to be something special.  He was right!  

At first, I was out in the front of our house and I got this great shot of the clouds reflecting the sunrise colors and the crescent moon....

Then, I thought I wanted to get to the far end of the airpark, so I'd have a clearer shot of this incredible sunrise.  It was early, so I pulled my robe over my pajamas, slipped on some shoes, grabbed my purse and drove to the far end of the airpark.  And, then, ever in search of a great shot, I kept driving.  Thank goodness no one saw me or stopped me!  But, on another country road, I got the great shot above!  I  loved the color and shape of the clouds and you can still see the crescent moon in the upper left corner.

And, as I was leaving, I just had to stop and get out of my car and get this shot of the country road on which I was driving.  We do get great sunrises here, but today was something special, even for here!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Flower Garden Mixed Media

I've started building inventory for my online shop (which I'll open later this year), and here are some mixed media pieces that I'll be offering, combining not only my love of paper, but my first love of photography!  Take a look - 

The first piece, above, is called "Relax".  The foundation for this piece is a photo of a flower that I altered, using a filter that makes it look like it's painted.  Add papers, both machine prepared and hand made, and this is the result!  The relaxing feeling of this piece resulted in its name.

For the second piece, I again started with a flower photo, altered to look like a drawing with crayons.  Add the same types of paper resulted in this light, bright piece, focusing on the "Beauty" of the flower.

This last piece starts with a photo of a sunflower made to look like an oil painting.  I love sunflowers and they really seem to spark my imagination in a very good way.  So, of course, the name of this piece had to be "Imagine".

New Additions to the Neighborhood !

The Whimzy Lane neighborhood is expanding!  Here are the new additions.....

The first house is "Be".  My focus for this house were various things that began with the letter "B" - buds, birds, bugs and  butterflies!

For "Shine", my focus was on  stars and the positive feeling that I get from them! 

The last addition to the neighborhood is the "Fun" house!  I just decorated it with things that I find fun - butterflies, hearts, flowers, and the little umbrella from those umbrella drinks you get in the islands (this one came from Hawaii)!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tea cup Treasure Idea

So, I got this idea (actually 2) that require a tea cup and saucer and teaspoon.  Yesterday, I went off in search of tea cups and saucers here in town at a couple of thrift stores.  

I stopped at the Salvation Army thrift store and found 3 teacups and a few teaspoons.....

....And I went to the thrift store that benefits a horse rescue ranch nearby, and found a bunch more teaspoons, but no tea cups and saucers (a mom just bought out all they had a few days ago in preparation for her daughter's birthday - sounds fun!) and then back home......

...The teaspoons are for a mixed media idea, but I didn't have the supplies I needed to create those, and as I looked at the tea cups, I thought they'd make a great photo still life to include on another mixed media idea, but they needed something.....

...And so I added some postcards....sipping tea, dreaming of places we'd like to go, enjoying hearing from those who are going to places we may have never thought of going..... can't you just feel that from these photos?  I did play around with my new filter software to create different dreamy effects.  I also got a vintage type recipe card holder during my treasure hunt, and I think I'll do this shoot again with that and a recipe out on the planning for the day?  Both this shoot and the recipe card shoot will make up a sweet series of art.  I'll be sure to share them when they are created, but for now, enjoy the seeds of the ideas!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Painting with Photography

I'm just playing with the new filter software.....

The above image is along the Norris Basin area in Yellowstone.  I loved the colors in the original photo, and the steam from the springs rising up.  I applied an oil painting filter to this one and like look of the brush effect.  Sort of adds to the wispy look of the rising steam.

The image above is of the bison grazing in the Hayden Valley (also in Yellowstone) at dawn.  This time I applied a watercolor painting filter.  I really liked how pronounced the brush strokes were with this particular filter.  It adds a texture to the piece that I like.

And, finally, this image is using a pastel painting filter.  It's of the early dawn at Hayden Valley, too.  I like this effect, as the colors of the dawn did have a sort of soft pastel feel to them at this moment of the sunrise.  It's also interesting how the different painting filters really work with the different images.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Photo Software !

I'm very excited!  Take a look at some new "plug in" software (it plugs into my Photoshop Elements software) that I found out about in a photo magazine that I get......

The above image was taken when we were on vacation this past August.  This is one of several pastel filters that can be used - it makes the image look like a pastel painting.  I really love this effect on this flower image.

Here's an image I took a few days ago while taking a morning walk thru the airpark.  This filter is a "hard pastel" filter and really looks like a painting, particularly if you click on this to enlarge it!

This last image if of an old barn in Grand Teton National Park (they are in the back ground). This filter/effect creates a watercolor painting.  I really like this software, and Jeff just told me that he'll get this for me for my birthday (in addition to a trip to Jamaica - what a guy!!)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Airpark This Morning

This morning when I got up, the sunrise looked pretty promising.  Then, after that, we did a walk with Miki.  Such a pretty morning.....

I walked to the front of our house and noticed our next door neighbor's tree.  It proved to be the perfect silhouette for the gloriously colored sunrise.  Take a look above and below....

The images above and below were taken when we took Miki on her morning constitutional.  What lovely cloud formations!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mini Friends

This morning, we took Miki on an airpark walk and saw our "mini" friends again - mini horses!

One of the mini's is Kona, above.  She is a real sweetie, and did go up to greet Miki.  I like this image of her in the morning sun.

I don't know what this little doll's name is, altho I believe it also starts with a K.  Isn't he/she sweet?

Here's Miki and her new friend, Little K (that's just what I'm calling him/her)!  The mini's really are very curious and friendly towards her.

And, here's Little K coming up to greet me!  This is actually the second time we've met.  The last time we met, I wasn't thinking and stuck my finger out to pet her on the nose, and she began to nibble on it!  Thank goodness, I pulled my finger out before she could really get a bite!  Still, that was my fault, not hers - she is a sweetie!!!