Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Digital Photo Art – Cadiz, Spain
There was lots of photographic inspiration in Cadiz, Spain, and I’ve taken advantage of it to create these digital photo art pieces.  They help to better capture the spirit of this lovely place…..
  Peaceful Morn
As we walked along the seawall surrounding, there were several small boats anchored close to the beach.  To accent the peaceful feeling of the image of this little dingy, I used some background paper I made (and then scanned into my PC) using CitraSolv and National Geographic magazine pages, and then used some bird brushes to complement the feel of this piece.
Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Along one part of the seawall, there’s a lovely city park.  It had such a light, airy feel to it, I decided to use a handwriting sampler as the background, and played with the opacity of my image to allow some of the handwriting to show thru.  I then added some flourish brushes to finish off the springtime feel.
The Banyan Tree
At a different part of the same city park, there were some beautiful banyan trees.  I found the curvature of the branches amazing and thought the handwriting of the vintage postcard was a good match for the tree, both because of the flowing nature of the handwriting and branches, and due to the age of both.  Various brushes were used to add more texture to the piece. 
View from Yesterday
There was an old castle along the seawall that looked out onto the cove where the small boats were anchored.  Altho the boats certainly weren’t old, they did sort of feel like they were from a time gone by.  As I stood looking out the window of the castle, I felt like it was a view from yesterday; hence, the name of this piece.  Interestingly, the background I used in this piece was an image of the rock wall of the Coliseum in Rome.
The focus of this piece is another of the small boats in the cove.  This one, however, was on shore.  As I was searching for a background for this digital art piece, I came across another CitraSolv background piece I made, this one jumped out at me as being perfect for the piece.  The very faint image of a woman looking out, coupled with the vintage postcard spoke to me of someone waiting for someone to return to her.  He’s written, but she’s lonely, and the boat symbolizes her feelings of emptiness.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Digital Photo Art – Alicante, Spain
Here are some pieces of digital photo art that I created based on images I shot while we were in Alicante, Spain, this past fall.  These images really just seemed to have a life outside of being photographic images, and so, they became part of this new art technique I’ve begun playing with.
                                                  The View                                               
We were wandering around an ancient castle up high on a bluff over the city, and this was the view from one of the walkways.  I wonder if whoever lived there truly appreciated the magnificent scenery that was at their beck and call…..or if they were too concerned with day to day life to notice.  We are so lucky to be living in the time we are, when we have the opportunity to appreciate this wonderful, yet simple slices of life.
This stairway leads to……..where?  I don’t know the answer, and that’s part of what is so intriguing to me about the image that’s the focus of this piece.  It’s rather like the paths that we choose in life.  They may look interesting or like they lead to an adventure, but we don’t really know until we follow them. We choose them for what they seem to promise, and then make the best of what the reality turns out to be.
See the Light
I like the focal point of this piece – the image of the window with the light shining into a darkened interior.  It speaks to me of how promise always seems to be shining in my life.  It beckons us to believe in it and strive for it.  The red undertones remind me of energy – the energy that we feel when we first discover the promise of something new….an idea, a new love, a new chapter in our life.
The final piece of this series speaks to the wonder of exploration.  What lies beyond the doorway?  I always tend to think in the positive, so I imagine it to be a grand adventure of some sort.  I purposely chose the fancy script handwriting in the piece to offset the hardness of the stones in both the image and the background.  If you look very closely in the image, you just may be able to see strings of butterflies sprinkled throughout the piece.  They add a piece of lightness, again, focusing on the wonder of a new grand adventure!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Digital Photo Art – St. Paul de Vence
I warn you up front.  This will be a long post, as there are quite a few new digital photo art pieces to share with you!  The images were taken in my favorite port of call on our recent Mediterranean/Transatlantic cruise – a small medieval French village, turned artist community, St. Paul de Vence.  Let’s take a look at some art from this artful place –
I’m not certain if this was a bed & breakfast or a café, but whatever it is, it certainly reeks with charm!  This piece, used some background paper I created and specialty branches to highlight the photo image.
France Welcomes You
Specialty brushes that consist of coffee rings, wine splashes, and some special background paper I created and France-related collage background set off this image of a small square in the village with a drinking fountain in the front of it and inns in the back.  A warm and inviting welcome.
After a long trip, with postcards sent, it’s so good to see your own front door welcoming you home.  That’s what this image conveyed to me, and the piece is meant to reflect that feeling.
Missing You
This piece is made up of several layers – my own abstract background paper, some ledger paper, a vintage love letter, and an intimate scene in the village.  Specialty brushes finish off the piece.
Open for Business
There were many shops in this charming village, and this was one.  I think the shop was on the first floor – perhaps the owner’s living quarters above? The abstract background, vintage lettering and some spots of color to accent the red in the bushes of the image finish off this piece with a gentle feel.
Open your Mind
I loved this simple image of the pot of red geraniums sitting on the outside window sill.  I contrasted the simplicity of the image with a rather complex background.  Music and lettering complement the abstract CitraSolv background paper.  Lettering and the specialty brushes round out the piece.
Postcard from France
This tapas café just begged to be the type of place that one would certainly write a postcard about!  Therefore, I had to include one in this piece.  I also included some vintage sheet music because one can just feel the soft music emitting from the inside of this café.  Red brush splotches serve to accent the red bushes and seat covers.
There were so many picturesque areas of this village, I couldn’t begin to select a favorite.  This image sums up the wonder of just wandering around. I decided to go with similar backgrounds to emphasize the warmth of the village.  The text “wander” speaks to what one has to do to truly appreciate all the charms of this village.

Digital Photo Art – Winter
This series of digital photo art has “winter” as its theme.  Some people are surprised that we really have the season of winter here in the southwest.  However, we live in what is sort of a combo area – high desert and mountain foothills.  Altho this winter has not been usual so far, generally we get a “taste” of winter.  Take a look at some digital photo art of winter.
Bare Tree
This bare (and probably dead) evergreen tree is in the immediate area where we live.  It looked so lonely, I had to capture it.  For the digital photo art piece, I added vintage sheet music and some specialty brushes to create the final piece.
Trees in Alaska
The postcard in the background is a vintage one sent from Alaska, but the tree image is of some trees taken on my friend’s land, right at the entrance to her property.  Specialty brushes of trees and the birds finished off the piece nicely.
Winter Tree
This tree is also found on my friend’s property (she has one of the most picturesque areas in the immediate area where we live).  For this piece, I simply added some bird and coffee ring specialty brushes and called this one good!
This piece is my favorite of the 4.  It’s an image of some evergreen trees with our local mountain in the background.  For the background of the piece, I used a scanned image of some background paper I created with some National Geographic magazine pages and some Citra Solv.  I love the whisper of the fence that was in front of the trees.  I added the birds specialty brush.  It’s a soft piece that leaves one with a frosty feeling.