Saturday, September 27, 2014

Muted Morning Light

This morning the light was incredible.  It was so soft, it was almost muted.  Once again, we had a narrow layer of mist just holding to the earth close to the mountains.
I converted the above image to a painting to capture the detailed beauty of the sky - the texture of the clouds, the sunrise color below them, and the lovely blue sky above the clouds.

As I began to turn away from the actual sun, the colors softened quite a bit.  I'm not certain what made the colors so muted, but I truly enjoyed the transition from brighter to soft.

And, here's the best muted sunrise one could hope for.  It seems odd to speak about a sunrise as muted, but here you have it!  I also really like that the band of mist shows up in this image.  I never get tired of this.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Misty Morning Walk

This morning, Jeff & I went for a walk with Miki around the airpark.  It was another misty morning.  We've had quite a few of these lately and altho it's different from the norm, they are welcome.  It's nice to have moisture in the air.  This morning, as we walked, we came across some horsey neighbors, Ozzie and Jewel.  I couldn't resist stopping and spending some time shooting them.....

As we approached them, I loved the look of them in their corral munching in the mist.  Such a peaceful start to the day.
Here's a closer view of them with the trees just outside their corral sort of framing them.  This looks like it could be a scene from the Midwest, since the background mountains are hidden in the fog.
Ah, they've finally noticed me!  I have this feeling they are wondering what I'm holding in front of my face!!  It's a camera, not food!
Look at them peeking over the top of the fence!  I think they are hoping for treats from me - sorry, little darlings!  I have nothing to eat on me!  What sweet faces!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Separate Companions

This morning, I woke up thinking it just wasn't nearly light enough outside for it to be morning.  When I pulled open the shades, I saw that we were in the middle of a cloud of fog this morning.  What a lovely moody morning it is.....
As I stepped out onto our back patio, I noticed the little juniper trees at the end of our property (or is it our neighbors?), sort of melting in and out of the foggy mist.  It was such a still morning, I felt that my breathing was creating too much of a breeze.  

I turned and saw Jazz, who lives next door, looking out into the fog as I was.  The ground between us was not in as much fog and seems almost bright by comparison.

She turned to look at me, and in that moment, I felt we were separate companions, both embracing this moment.