Monday, April 21, 2014

A Life in the Country

Yesterday, as we sat out on our back patio and enjoyed the sunset against the clouds, I thought about an email conversation that a friend and I had a week or so ago...

She commented that it was a bit ironic that the two of us, who spent most of our adult lives (and, for me, most of my entire life) in the big city, have evolved into small town loving folks......

Ironically, when I was visiting friends and family in the Chicago area about a month ago, a friend I met from work seemed to be somewhat horrified that I lived in a place where people rode horses to the local drive-in eatery and asked me, "Where do you live?"  several times in a row....

I replied that I lived in Edgewood, NM, and it was a place where, for me, life was saner....and yes, we need have access to things that are apparently very important to some folks, like, well, like the theater......
But, for me, more important than that, is that living here, we have space, and a normal pace of life, not some false urgency about getting some place, and getting things done in some set window of time.  However, I do understand that this life is not for everyone, and especially not for people who love the hustle and bustle of the city.  Frankly, I'm glad that they live in the cities that they means more space in the country for people like me!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Look Down for the Blooms !!

When we were camping the other weekend, and out for a walk, I noticed some early spring blooms......of course, I had to either look down or actually get down on the ground to capture them!

Aren't these pretty white flowers?  I really loved the detail in each and every blossom in this bunch.

These tiny little purple blooms are one of my favorites!  They really are super tiny, and I had to get way down to be able to capture them.  How can something so delicate looking be tough enough to survive people trampling over them and the fickleness of springtime weather?

I actually got down on the ground to capture these little clover like ground cover blooms.  And, when I got up, I was covered in icky sticklers - ouch !!!

Rustic and Painted

Here are a couple images of some cool deserted cabins or houses that we came across last Saturday....and a Painted Lady ~

This deserted house is in a little town called Golden, NM, about 20 minutes from us.  I can't tell you how many times I drove down this road and never really saw this place until last Saturday.  I didn't have my camera with me, but I did have my phone, so I captured this image and then played with it in post processing to make it really cool.

About 10 minutes further down the road, in a former ghost town and now an artist community, called Madrid, NM, I saw this gem of a cabin.  The entrance arch said this was the "Kickin' Ass Ranch", and I must say, it kind of looks like its butt has been kicked a bit over the years!
And, finally, the Painted Lady.  A dear friend who lives in suburban Chicago lives in this little lady (over 100 years old!).  I took this photo to send to Jeff's sister, since she really likes Victorian houses, and it was still in my phone camera.  So, I played with this image some and made it look much cheerier than it did on the gloomy March morning when I took the shot.

First Camping Trip of the Season !

We went on our first camping trip of the season the first weekend in April.  It was great to get out again and just enjoy being with nature - take a look!

We camped in a site that was very close to the shoreline of Keystone Lake near Tulsa, OK.  We started our walk with Miki along here and I just loved the way the sun glistened on the shoreline - Miki loved the swim!

We next saw some Mallards (I think) also enjoying the water and the sun!  They swam in almost perfect unison, so, of course, a photo was in order.  It's not really anything special, but I just loved being out and seeing everything!

It's just a weed, I know, but I loved the way the water framed it.....and the sunlight on the water looked like little sparkles because they are out of focus.

Altho this humble abode was vacant right now, the birds are coming back to the area, so I'm sure it will be filled soon with chirping and singing birds!

I saw this heron come in for a landing, and as we walked along a nature trail in the state park where we were staying, we spotted his resting place.  He seems to be just contemplating spring.......or looking for food!