Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspiration on Carlito Springs Trail

There were a few images that just needed a quote to make them complete.  Take a look....
I just loved the look of this small twig that had started to grow out of the old, twisted trunk of the pinon tree.  When I saw the quote, I thought it was perfect - it all reminds me of one of my wonderful nieces, Marikate.  She was a very premature little girl, and has had many difficulties to overcome in her life.  But she is our family miracle, and will turn 24 in just a few weeks!

Still Hanging On
Walking down the trail, I noticed a tree that still had most of its leaves still hanging on.  As I was perusing thru some quotes, I came across this one and thought it was perfect or this image.  Never give up!

Touch of Spring
Sometimes some very pretty treasures can only be seen by looking down.  That was certainly the case with these little beauties!  I can't help but think of how many people missed this wonderful touch of spring because they were looking at the grand vista.  There's beauty everywhere!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Digital Art

The other day, I began playing with creating digital art, digital collage.  Here are my most recent attempts......
This piece has as its foundation a page from National Geographic that I used what I call the CitraSolv technique on.  Basically, I sprayed the page with CitraSolv, closed the magazine, and after about 15 minutes, opened it to see this!  I then placed it between 2 paper towels until is mostly dried, and then hung it on a clothes line I have in my studio for drying art until it was totally dry.  Altho this was intended to be used as background, I liked it so well, I only added the word "Chaos" to it and called it good.  Don't you just have days when you feel like this could very well be the illustration of that day?

True Love
For this piece, I found some free clip art vintage love letters and used one as the background.  I then found some rose images that look as if they were made of collaged papers.  To that, I added some vintage photos of my parents, who are the personification of a true love story.  This piece is in honor of their life-long love story.

A couple of months ago, we were in Jamaica.  I was thinking of the relaxing warmth there and the wonderful escape it was.  I again used a background page made from a National Geographic magazine with the CitraSolv technique.  I then placed one of my Jamaica photos, converted to a sketch in the piece.  I also placed another image that seems to be a woman and her children in the image in the lower left.  I left the word "Escape" visible - it was on the background page.    This piece just makes me want to sigh.....and.....relax.