Monday, July 18, 2016

Garden Residents
I have heard there’s a snake that lives in this garden, but I’ve never come across it.  However, on this garden visit, I did come across a couple of other residents that seemed agreeable to having their photo taken…..
Bee Shadow
This little bee was hard at work, getting nectar from the daisy type blooms.  He allowed me to get up nice and close to him, and altho I didn’t get a very good angle for a direct image of him, I was in the perfect spot to get a great image of his shadow!  I wish I could say I noticed this as I was taking his photo, but, I didn’t.  It was such a great surprise to me as I processed this image!
Perched on a Blossom
This may be the most perfect image of a butterfly I’ve ever captured.  What was so wonderful about this little guy was that he stayed put on this blossom for several seconds, just slowly opening and closing his wings, as if allowing me to get just the best possible shot.  I have 2 that I like, but I think this one might just show him off the best.

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